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Multi-Tier Courses

Courses structured to offer different learning pathways or tiers, each tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the learners.

Sell Online Courses

Creating, marketing and delivering educational courses on a digital platform which allows learners to access the materials, lessons and resources via computers, smartphones or other internet connected devices.

Advanced Quizzing

Using customizable features in online or computer-based assessments and quizzes to create more engaging, informative and effective evaluation tools by supporting a wide range of question types such as multiple-choice, multiple response, fill-in-the plank, matching, short answer, essay and more.

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BrainTreesPro is an online course website providing user-friendly and flexible platforms for learners to access high-quality educational courses and acquire new skills from the comfort of anyplace. The diversity of our courses caters to a wide range of interests and educational needs that provides invaluable resources for lifelong learners.
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